IT Project Delivery

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No Stress Bolido Project Management

Drawing on a vast amount of experience our project delivery teams get your solution implemented and integrated on time with minimal fuss. Bolido Networks can take care of your IT solution conception, consultation & design, turning your requirements into deliverables which are efficiently planned. Whether there be elements of staging, testing, installation, migration or integration we ensure everything is completed when and how it should be. All this is done while keeping business disruption to a minimum so you can take a step back and breathe easy.

Your selected project manager will draw up a project plan based on the project deliverables. All required technical & non-technical staff will be selected and placed onto the project. Time frames, cost, quality, scope, responsibilities and risks will be documented and constantly monitored throughout the project life cycle.

Your project manager will keep you informed regularly at agreed meetings (at your desired frequency) and arrange all the necessary work streams and ensure 3rd parties and internal resources are lined up. Once your project is completed your project manager will ensure all elements are signed off indicating your solution or