IT Consultancy

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Your business needs to evolve in the marketplace to stay competitive. That usually means upgrading your IT estate to stay ahead of the game.

You know what you want to do but are you unsure how to make it happen?

Bolido Networks are well known for producing proposals within budget and within your timescales. A good understanding of your current environment is essential to determining the exact specification of the different elements of your requirement. Our IT solutions architects listen, question, perform due diligence and form a high level plan of how to best align your IT solution to achieve your desired end result. The recommended solution will be scale-able to facilitate future expansion and will follow industry best practices.

A high level document (HLD) will detail your requirement and any dependents will be produced. It will also document the solution elements, restrictions, limitations and basic current traffic analasys. This can then be passed to a technical designer to create the low level ‘nuts & bolts’ design.

Our pre-sales staff will recommend the optimum hardware and solution components to facilitate your company reaching its IT and business objectives within budget.