Bolido Networks Business Continuity Solutions

Protecting your data & infrastructure from malicious attacks & misuse


Our cyber security services offer protection to multiple layers

Data – Application – Endpoint – Network – Cloud




Protection against viruses and malware including ransomware.


Secure your devices

Dont rely on default factory settings, lock down resources, secure access, our software identifies any vulnerabilities.


Firewall & Perimeter Security

Ensure your firewalls and network are up to date & configured correctly. Limit traffic into your network, secure end to end solutions.


Bolido help you evaluate your existing infrastructure, plan & implement changes and provide 24/7 proactive maintenance.

Our experts will identify any weaknesses in your existing infrastructure and explain the options you have available.

Protect all of your data & infrastructure

Its not just about data, cyber criminals target anything that can be used to harvest information. This includes any device connected to your environment, even your wifi network!


Patch Regularly

Many attacks are successful because of out of date software. Our solutions track patches on multiple devices from a central dashboard. Guarantee authentic updates, offering a zero config time to patch new vulnerabilities.


VPN & Authenticated Access

Control access to all resources, be it data storage, applications, network or infrastructure at an endpoint level and by use of virtual private network connection.


Protection from data loss

Our cloud offers military grade encryption and SSL to secure data no matter where it travels .

Business continuity & DRaaS

We provide a fully encrypted hybrid cloud backup & disaster recovery solution


Triple Layer Encryption

We use private key encryption along with double-blind encryption, so only you can view or decrypt your data in the cloud.


Remote Wipe

If a device gets lost or stolen, delete critical business data with ease.


Get Compliant

Easily meet compliance regulations.


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